Creators turn followers into your customers

Through events and campaigns that inspire your target group

Creator campaigns

Creator Events

Social media full service

Creator Campaigns

Find the right face for your campaign

Your creator campaign lives from a face that fits your brand. Our database of 2000+ creator profiles shows who reaches your target group and which content works on which platform.

These Creator campaigns inspire customers


Creator Events

Create emotional experiences with a WOW effect

The integration of suitable creators and distribution via social media turn our events into viral experiences. Become a sponsor of our formats with an audience of millions or organize your own event, which we will design and produce for you.

Events that all inspire.




Social media full service

Convince on all relevant platforms

Social media is a powerful tool if you know how to use it. We show you strategies for profitable influencer marketing and proven tactics that turn followers into loyal customers. We produce all the content for you.

The recipe for reach


Thanks to the reliable data solutions from Infludata and Shikenso, we measure and optimize campaigns in real time. We fine-tune every data point to maximize reach.


Our creator database with 2000+ entries and thematic clusters enables precise matching, making every creator collaboration a 100% match for your brand.


As an official partner of TikTok, YouTube and Meta, we have exclusive access to platform innovations and algorithm updates. Our customers benefit from this.


The most influential influencers, athletes and celebrities are part of our growing network. For your campaign, this means reach, relevance and professionalism.

Experiences with viral echo

The integration of well-known creators and playout via various channels turn events into viral experiences. And your fire is right in the middle of it.

Your brand as a sponsor of our popular entertainment formats with a reach of millions.

Your brand as the organizer of your own creator events, which we design and produce for you.

Germany's biggest creators as the faces of your next marketing campaign.

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